10 Jobs That Won’t Exist In The Future

1. Newspaper Delivery Guys

With the changes in technology, there would not be a need for the classic newspaper to reduce on printing costs. It will be expected that Newspaper Delivery careers will not be needed id 10 years time.

2. Librarians

With the industry of information slowly becoming paperless over the years, it is expected that there will be no more printed books, as printed books are harder to maintain. Hence the libraries may be obsolete soon. And this will also mean an end to the career of the librarians.

3. Data Encoders

Technology is really advancing nowadays, especially with computers. With businesses going on autopilot, it is expected that Data Encoder jobs will not be available soon too as there will be no need for them to do the data entry.

4. Computer Operators

Since everything is going on autopilot, it is expected that computers will need less or no manual operations in a few years, so the careers of computer operators may also be gone in 10 years too.

5. Cashiers

Paperless ways of paying for stuff are slowly becoming popular nowadays so it’s also possible that there will be payment booths where you only need to swipe your card of enter your credentials to use your credits. This will put an end to the careers of the cashiers.

6. Toll Booth Workers

Toll Booth Worker careers may have the same expected expiration date as the cashiers because of computer operated toll booths. In fact, there are booths that are computer generated that you only need to tap a top up card to pay toll fees.

7. Telemarketers

Telemarketers have given a lot of leads to companies who want to make additional business by adding more customers. However, because of the rise in digital marketing methods, the telemarketer career may end up not needed in the next 10 years as digital marketing is faster and can reach a wider customer base.

8. Travel Agents

With the popularity of looking for information and buying tickets and tour packages online, there may be no need for travel agents in the future! People will just search for their destinations, plan ahead and book their plane and hotel tickets online.

9. Call Receptionists

In a world where everything is slowly being converted to be operated on autopilot, a risk will come to Call Receptionist that will ultimately end their careers because there are already automated calls where people will just select options and they will be connected to the department they want to call.

10. Insurance Underwriters

Insurance Underwriters may not be needed in the near future as there already are software programmed to determine the amount of risk and compute of insurance premiums for insurance companies.


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