10 Innovations That Will Change The Way You Live

Look to your left, look to your right… a common sight for everyone residing in metropolitan cities is that of the forever expansion of the concrete jungle and high-raised buildings or sky-scrapers working at making this world a better place, or rather not better but convenient. The late founder of Apple always said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” and the words stand true in today’s world with the rate of companies plunging day by day to influence the hordes of cattle that will follow them with their inventions. With the dream of every man to make life a little easier and comfortable, most people indulge in the new-trending innovations to satiate one’s desire and make life lazier and a little more advanced. Products today have a shelf life of a year or two, three maximum, before they are termed outdated or quaint and such is the rapid-continuous steeplechase people have got into in order to stay in the hunt. Having said all this, one must admit that these inventions do stir our fancy and interest and our keen eyes are always on the look out to grab these products off the shelves in a flash. If you haven’t been in touch with the latest trends or future innovative plans then these products that will hit the market very soon or have already will take you by surprise. These are 10 innovations will blow your mind away.

 The Tile Solar Panels
Rather than have your designer home defaced by the look of un-matching solar panels, this new concept actually helps you install them without anyone realizing they are present. About 25% of the roof will consist of these tile-lookalike panels while the rest would be the regular clay tiles.

Photo Credit http://gajitz.com/the-roof-is-on-fire-solar-shingles-let-you-green-on-the-sly/

 Wearable MP3
Most of us have been annoyed with the fact of having headphones either getting tangled or getting detached while walking or running, but this new device will make sure none of that happens.

Photo Credit http://www.itreq.com/

 Photo Credit http://www.itreq.com/


 The Door Wedge Alarm
Living in the fear of having intruders? This door wedge will certainly give you a night’s rest as it emits a beeping alarm the minute the door is opened without your consent.

Photo Credit http://www.ultraportabletech.com/2012/04/pressure-sensitive-door-wedge-alarm.html

Volumetric Spoon Scale
Adding too less or more of the required proportion? This digital volumetric spoon scale will get you concocting the exact amount needed as the meter reveals the exact volume of each spoon.

Photo Credit http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/admetior-digital-volumetric-spoon-scale/

 The BBQ Tongs & Thermometer
A problem faced by many of us amateur cooks is when to stop grilling that steak, rare or cooked? How long? Well with this tongs that displays the temperature of that juicy slice giving you the exact choice of cooking it rare, medium rare or fully cooked.

Photo Credit http://inventorspot.com/articles/digital_bbq_tongs_thermometer_31520

360-degree Electrical Outlet
Didn’t you ever wish that you could plug in more appliances in the same outlet? This redesigned switch board is probably the smartest inventions that have surfaced off late. Plug in your appliance or gadget in any spot in this 360-degree electrical outlet.

Photo Credit  http://www.metaphys.jp/product/electric/archives/2008041614.php


The Virtual Keyboard
With the help of this laser projection you can connect any smartphone or laptop to this virtual keyboard and feel the magic at your fingertips. This amazing invention can be connected to any android or apple device.

Photo Credit http://www.brookstone.com/laser-projection-virtual-keyboard?bkiid=SearchResults|CategoryProductList|796246p

 The Molecular Sensor
With the help of this hand held molecular sensor, you can now check the health of your plants as well as check to see if your veggies bought from the store are fresh and not contaminated.

Photo Credit  http://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-new-products-or-inventions-that-most-people-dont-know-about/answer/Piyush-Makhija-1

 Oculus Rift
This virtual reality head set has just taken gaming into a world of realism. The words ‘Virtual reality’ does say it all, and the Rift is the next big innovation that has taken this big step to making gamers feel that they are in a virtual world which is controlled by their decisions and reactions.

Photo Credit http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2014/3/29/1396098221819/The-Oculus-Rift-headset-i-010

Uma Maheshwari

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